The Efforts of Islamic Boarding Schools in Religious Moderation in Garut Regency to Create a Faithful, Advanced and Prosperous Society


  • Enceng Iip Syaripudin STAI Al Musaddadiyah Garut
  • Deni Konkon Furkony STAI Al-Musadddadiyah, Garut
  • Luqman Al-Hakim Musthafa STAIDA Muhammadiyah, Garut
  • Muhamad Sobrin STAIDA Muhammadiyah, Garut
  • Abdul Hamid STAI 11April Sumedang, Sumedang



pesantren, moderation, religion


The sociaty revolution 5.0 led to fundamentally massive innovations and changes that fundamentally changed all existing systems,orders, and landscapes in new ways, such as in business and continued to expand in other fields, including education, government, law,economics, culture, politics, social and religious. In the field of religion such as pesantren, the implementation of worship implementation isalso changed by technological developments and trends of the times. This allowed for a decline in nationalism. Then how the insitusi of apesantren responds to it. This research aims to decrypt the notion of religious moderation and radicalism spread through unlimited means oftechnological information. This research uses library reseach methods and observations of radical actions in Garut Regency. The results ofthe study found that the radicalism movement in Garut Regency emerged because it was triggered by the problems.


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Enceng Iip Syaripudin, Deni Konkon Furkony, Luqman Al-Hakim Musthafa, Muhamad Sobrin, & Abdul Hamid. (2021). The Efforts of Islamic Boarding Schools in Religious Moderation in Garut Regency to Create a Faithful, Advanced and Prosperous Society. Journal of Islamicate Studies, 4(1), 1–5.